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Thinking strategically in a complex environment

Kevin Townsend - Seven Knot Wind

After connecting with e-180, an inspiring company who’s mission is to ‘unlock human greatness’ by We Seek by e180curating 30-min braindates between great minds, Fiona was invited to publish an article with We Seek, a magazine about constant learning.

This guest post, Planning in fog: thinking strategically in a complex environment, outlines seven of the top principles we’re finding useful in helping clients take a complexity-informed lens to familiar challenges:

  1. View your system as a Complex Adaptive System and craft energizing questions that recognize issues as such… read more
  1. Build a good-enough vision of success—an understanding of the basic system constraints or conditions required for particular patterns to continue can be reframed into a compelling, principle-based definition of success (as opposed to a picture or scenario), and minimize detailed planning….read more
  2. Context context context. What worked in one context may not work in another, no matter how minor the differences may seem at first. Getting a good understanding of your current context requires harvesting multiple perspectives… read more
  3.  Read the article here.