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We do more than just facilitation. We work with our clients to design and facilitate customized workshops, meetings, events and summits – drawing on an array of systemic and participatory tools and methodologies.

Our services are professional, practical and tailored to your particular situation and context.  We serve those who are looking for something different, as well as those who prefer to stay grounded in a more traditional approach. All of our approaches centre around outcomes-driven results.

Over the last decade, our facilitation team has developed a number of proprietary tools that are field-proven and have worked with all levels of government, the emergency responder community, private sector organizations from SMEs to fortune 500s, and not-for-profit organizations. Our team is highly skilled, bilingual, certified by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and have completed post-graduate degrees in various fields.


Strategic Planning

We work collectively with our clients to develop strategic plans and supporting action plans using a highly collaborative approach. By gaining a shared perspective of where you are and where you want to be, developing a solid business case for change, mapping the course of action to get you there and to measure your progress, we set the foundation for productive, satisfying results.

Solutions Labs

We set up and operate Macro and Micro Labs that create spaces to address complex social questions. Two areas of focus for us are Housing Solutions in support of ensuring all Canadians have access to affordable housing, and Sustainable Development Solutions in service of the biggest challenge of our time: achieving global sustainability in time.

Strategic Development Workshops for Teams

We offer participatory strategic development workshops using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology, hosted by a certified LSP facilitator. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a systematic approach to apply creative thinking, drilling into areas that are highly innovative. The group process promises 100% engagement and repeatedly drives results that are immediately actionable. People experience hard-fun as we keep the participants inside the learning zone. They will lose track of time while working harder than they ever dreamed possible in such a short period of time.

Stakeholder Engagement / Community Consultation

Through effective engagement of your stakeholders at the right time in the process, we increase your likelihood of success through shared understanding and commitment. Lansdowne works in partnership with you to plan, design, facilitate and report on public/community consultations. We appreciate the high stakes of getting it wrong and employ a proven approach with a customized, multi-channel toolkit driven by your needs and sensitivities around the issues. We have worked on highly controversial consultations with recognized success.

Meeting & Workshop Design & Facilitation

Lansdowne partners with you to design and facilitate productive meetings and workshops. Our high-energy, skilled and certified facilitators use an outcomes-driven approach to engage participants using a clear process supported by a customized toolkit.

3D Systems & Team Dynamics Modelling

We use a variety of modelling techniques to help individuals, teams and stakeholders visualize systems. Only when we can all see what is, do we have an opportunity to explore interventions and ways of shifting the system to what could be.

Participatory Large Group Events

We facilitate large group events that engage participants heads, hearts and hands. Using various methodologies including Open Space Technology, World Cafe Dialogues, and customized event designs, our events are energized, productive and get you what you need.

Team Building Retreats

We combine work and play to bring you engaging half or full-day team building retreats. We ground the team experience in the work context while simultaneously creating a space for individuals to get to know each other and how they best work together.

High-Risk Project Rescues and Launches

Got a high-risk no-fail project that is going off the rails? We support clients in rescuing projects with a complete assessment and action plan to get things back on track. To reduce the risk of project failure, we also work with clients to initially launch high-risk projects on the right foot, supporting the development of the necessary stakeholder buy-in.

Governance Design & Implementation

Whether you require governance to manage daily operations or to drive strategic intent, it is the enabler to good decision making. Governance is a framework of relationships, rules, systems and processes that take into account conflicting priorities, a shifting environment, incomplete information and differing agendas. Lansdowne partners with you in engaging your stakeholders to create customized governance structures and decision-making processes based on your collective needs to add discipline, accountability and to enhance stakeholder buy-in.

Network Mapping

We offer network and systems mapping services in support of the research, development, and visualization of network elements, relationships and flows. These maps can generate custom visualizations of data queries that support analysis and communication on questions of interest. Our approach blends systems thinking, stakeholder mapping, and social network analysis to create insight using a powerful visualization platform.

Systemic Stakeholder Research

Traditional evaluation surveys provide valuable quantitative measures, but decision makers often want to know more. A SenseMaker approach provides decision makers with the ability to see the world through the eyes of their customers, their staff, or their citizens. A radical and proven new research methodology that offers the opportunity for continuous learning, monitoring and adapting. Grounded in complex adaptive systems theory, cognitive science and anthropology, it provides a powerful, intuitive approach to gaining multiple perspectives and new insights into complex problems.

Other Offerings


Gamification is an emerging field that enables participants to challenge existing assumptions and introduce new paradigms into the heuristics of the organization. Games also allow for organizations to explore complex problems or introduce novel learning. Landsdowne will work with you to understand the complex problem you are experiencing and either select an appropriate multi-player experiential game or work with you to develop a custom card or board game to provide a safe space to unpack issues and opportunities. These games are a starting point for a deeper, facilitated discussion and can be designed as an internal tool, an engagement tool, or a tool to track understanding over time. Game examples include multi-player games to explore roles of community stakeholders in urban development and redevelopment issues, a community empowerment and resilience tool for disaster risk reduction, a Lean and Agile learning tool, and teaching internal social media policies to a large organization.

Graphic Recording

Visual graphics and large scale imagery is used in graphic facilitation workshops to create a visual record of the dialogue. Considering that two thirds of all people are visual learners, visual imaging combined with text or speech increases retention by up to 40% and allows participants to see their work and their contributions. Graphic recording also creates active participation and generates excitement and curiosity.

Online Consultations

To reach certain segments of the population or to offer options and convenience, a number of eTools are available to conduct various types of online consultations. Examples include online survey tools, real-time feeds using Twitter, social media forums such as Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram, web based meetings using online meeting services, online public consultations using software enabling tools, virtual mind mapping, and other tools such as YouTube videos as a means of increasing awareness.

Creative Problem-Solving Tools

We have tools and techniques to help you identify and solve problems creativity and effective using a step-by-step process.

Meeting Space

When you engage our Facilitation Team, you also have access to our 20 person boardroom and/or 8 person meeting room filled with natural lighting, great wall space for visualizing your work, and complimentary refreshments.