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Lansdowne supporting #Ottawa2017 event security

Lansdowne is pleased to be of service to Ottawa 2017 in support of the security planning of numerous exciting events for #Ottawa2017 to keep everyone safe while celebrating Canada’s 150th. Red Bull Crashed Ice, La Machine, Sky Lounge, Picnic on the Bridge, and many more local events.

Lansdowne running with the Canadian Armed Forces

The countdown is on to this year’s Army Run in the National Capital Region – taking place on September 20th, 2015.  armyrun2014 startWe have runners in both races – the 5k and the half marathon. Walking, running and rolling are all options for completing the course!

The annual Army Run is an opportunity for the Canadian Armed Forces to thank Canadians, and for Canadians to thank to the Canadian Armed Forces.  Proceeds and fundraising efforts are directed to: Soldier On and the Military Families Fund.

Run with us! You can also share your #ArmyRunPhoto on Instagram, and by tagging @CanadaArmyRun you can win various prizes.


Lansdowne Presents at 2015 IAF Conference


Lego for Serious Business…Seriously?

The 2015 Conference of the International Association of Facilitators is taking place May 14-16 in Banff, AB…. and Lise Clement and Fiona Wright, Lansdowne’s SEF team, are packing their bags to join other experts and practitioners in the field of facilitation to explore new tools, processes, lessons and connections.

Lise, head of the Strategic Planning, Stakeholder Engagement and Facilitation practice line at Lansdowne will be hosting a learning event for conference delegates on the use of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ in business planning.


  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ is a radical, innovative, experiential process designed to enhance business performance. It is based on the belief that everyone can contribute to the discussion, the decisions and the outcome.
  • The use of LEGO bricks simply enables you to take a speedy shortcut to the core. The bricks work as a catalyst – and when used for building metaphors, they trigger processes that you were previously unaware of.
  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ levels the playing field, engaging 100% attention and participation.

    lego example

Come out and get your head, hands and heart working on solving your strategic business challenges.

We have also partnered with GreatWork, a technology company building a powerful online tool and tapestry based on sound strategic planning process to enable whole-hearted engagement by individuals to make effective decisions at the organizational level.


Come and see Jen and Lise discuss the wisdom behind the development of the tool and showcase applications to see if it might be a fit for your great work.

Or, follow us on Twitter @LansdowneCG.

Lansdowne Rides for CHEO

On Sunday May 3rd 2015, Lansdowne employees and their families will be saddling up to support kids with cancer at the CN Cycle for CHEO.

Digital Image Sales Lorne 2012 Canadian Olympic Tri - Bike 1Lansdowne values local community involvement and supporting community members. Join us to help the great work that CHEO is doing to support kids and their families coping with cancer.

Childhood cancer is rare, yet every year at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) there are approximately 75 new diagnoses. The children, youth and families who are confronted with a cancer diagnosis rely on the staff at CHEO to help them through this difficult journey. This is why the CN Cycle for CHEO, the hospital’s largest pediatric cancer fundraising event, is such an important community event in the national capital region.

Sponsor a Lansdowne Rider

Here are our top riding tips:

  • There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choice: come prepared for the weather!
  • Riding = sweating. Especially for office workers. Bring water to rehydrate!
    • While the choice desk-job beverage may be coffee for most, this is a different ball game. Or bike ride.
  • Test your bike ahead of time.
    • No-one likes a consultant who shows up without the right knowledge or equipment for the job.
  • Bring the right tools to stay on track should something go wrong:
    New toy

    • An extra tube
    • Tire levers
    • A portable pump (the best is one with a switch between high volume and high pressure)
    • An allen-key set bike tool
    • An energy bar.  Not that we ever run out of energy. But it’s good to be prepared.
  • Wear eye protection.
    • We’re not talking chemistry goggles here, but sunglasses are key in the face of a fast moving bug. That little guy can whip right down your eye socket before you know it. And if you can’t see you can’t steer. And if you can’t steer… it activates the level of all other risk factors. And here at Lansdowne we are risk averse.
  • Know your capabilities. The right person for the right challenge.
    • We deliver quality services, which is contingent on matching the right people and the right skills to the job.
    • Don’t sign up for the 70km ride if you just bought your first cruiser at a garage sale.
    • Assess how resilient your system is and how much shock you can handle. If you’re particularly wedded to your office chair most days, half-day use of a bike seat might be a bit of a shocker.
  • Where there is no vision, the people will perish ~ F. Nightingale.
    • We are all part of a community, and our community has a vision.  As Canadians we value quality of life and well-being, and a strategic goal within that vision is to be able to overcome cancer.


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