Business Capture and Proposal Management

Helping clients to qualify opportunities, conduct competitive assessments, establish business capture strategies and prepare responsive and compliant responses to requests for qualification, quotation or proposals.
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Lansdowne provides business capture and proposal management services for companies seeking to enter or increase their penetration of Canadian municipal, provincial or federal governments. Whether the proposal is targeted to the delivery of advanced technologies for DND, business process outsourcing for health care, customized COTS for NGOs, or systems integration services in support of government operations, we have the experience and expertise to help deliver a compliant and competitive proposal.

The procurement landscape is changing. Governments are increasingly employing non-traditional procurement methods: Negotiated RFPs, Best and Final Offer (BAFO), public private partnerships (P3s) and ‘power by the hour” for operational platforms. The federal government of Canada has introduced the Defence Procurement Strategy (DPS), transforming Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRBs) into Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITBs) and introducing a requirement for a rated and weighted Value Proposition (VP).

Understanding how to interpret and apply these policies to proposals, as well as understanding the practices, expectations and culture of Canadian government procurement agencies is critical to success in this environment. Lansdowne brings a rare combination of experience in both Procurement and Proposal Management Support to clients.


Business Capture Strategies

A clearly articulated capture strategy can guide the capture team through the early – and necessary - customer engagement process; provide the basis – through a competitive assessment – for solution development and teaming arrangements; and – with appropriate themes and messaging – ensure that the benefits of your solution are clearly articulated.

Proposal Management

Proposal management is project management. The early understanding of the RFP response requirements (the product) and the development of a response plan (the project plan) are fundamental to the successful delivery of the proposal. Experience, focus, discipline and commitment are the characteristics that distinguish us from our competitors.

Proposal Reviews

Independent, objective and comprehensive reviews ensure the proposal is compliant to the requirements and scores well against the evaluation criteria. These reviews can and should include both subject matter experts and procurement specialists who ‘get’ the process.

Technical Writing and Editing

A single voice, a coherent response, grammatically correct, and delivered via a well-organized proposal will make the evaluator’s job easier. The quality of the proposal sets the customer’s expectations for the quality of the contract deliverables.