Procurement Management

Helping clients to procure the right goods and the right services under the right terms to achieve the best value for their investment and optimize project and operational success.
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Lansdowne Technologies provides concept-to-contract procurement management support services. Our involvement in numerous complex procurements for goods and services gives a solid foundation in understanding the Federal Government’s Central Agency policy environment and the procurement procedures of a number of major government departments. Lansdowne’s procurement experience extends support for significant procurements at the regional and municipal level, as well as subcontracting procurement for industry prime contractors on major government projects. 

Every year, the Canadian Federal Government issues over 400,000 contracts worth more than $12 billion in goods, services and construction. The annual value of government procurement represents more than 33% of annual discretionary government program spending. With so much at stake, it is no wonder that so many stakeholders are looking for better ways to manage procurement to ensure that optimal value is obtained for the investments made.




Requirements Analysis and Work Definition

The basis for control and risk management in a project is the definition of project scope using tools such as requirements analyses, work breakdown structures and specifications. When the scope is fully defined, the project team can determine the elements that can be internally sourced and those that must be procured from outside the organization. For over 38 years, Lansdowne has assisted government clients with project scope definition and the identification of elements for outsourcing.

Solicitation Documentation Development

Once the decision has been made on the procurement vehicle to be used, it is critical that accurate and complete solicitation documentation be professionally prepared to ensure that the procurement process is manageable and defensible. Lansdowne has experience in developing key documents such as Requests for Information (RFI), Pre-qualification (RFPQ), Proposals (RFP), Standing Offers (RFSO), and Supply Arrangements (RFSA); Statements of Work (SOW); Proposal Preparation Instructions (PPI); Evaluation Criteria; Evaluation Plans; and Draft Contract Terms and Conditions.

Procurement Strategy Development

There are many strategies that can be used for the acquisition of goods and services including competitive tendering, alternate service delivery, privatization and commercialization of government operations, internal staffing, and strategic alliance formation. These options must be analyzed within the context of the economic and policy environment of the organization and appropriate decisions must be made that will contribute to the achievement of the corporate objectives.

Evaluation Support

Within the context of a public tender, it is critical that a fair, complete, and honest evaluation be conducted to ensure that the best solution is chosen within the constraints of the program. To achieve this objective, it is necessary to carefully plan the evaluation by establishing evaluation processes, criteria, scoring guidelines, assessment forms, results recording tools, procedures, documentation control, and evaluation reports. Lansdowne has extensive experience in the management of evaluation processes and facilitation for evaluation committees.

Contract Negotiation and Administration

When the winning bidder has been selected, the contract must be finalized, issued, and managed to ensure that the deliverables and services are received as specified in the contract. Lansdowne can help to ensure that the contract is properly structured and mechanisms are established to monitor contractor performance and to ensure that deliverables meet contractual requirements.

Fairness Monitoring and Third Party Review

Lansdowne’s extensive procurement experience includes third party oversight of procurement processes to ensure that they are conducted in a fair, open and transparent manner. Our technical experts have also provided independent third-party audits and reviews of deliverables such as observation of factory acceptance tests and system functionality reviews.

Procurement of Communications Interoperability Solutions

Lansdowne provides concept-to-contract procurement management support services. We have been involved in several complex procurements for goods and services with all levels of government and private sector clients. Our procurement service offering includes Requirements Analysis and Work Definition, Procurement Strategy Development, Solicitation Documentation Development, Evaluation Support, and Contract Negotiation and Administration.