Lansdowne Security and Emergency Management

Optimizing people, processes, training, and technology to reduce risks and enhance security and emergency management.
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Lansdowne is a recognized leader in the areas of security, emergency management and risk management programs. We have extensive experience in the provision of a wide range of services to clients (public sector, private sector, academic institutions, transportation sector) facing both traditional and new challenges in the current security environment.


Security Programs, Plans and Assessments

Our team of certified security experts has integrated security program/project components, contributed to organization success, and ensured the enhanced protection of personnel, materiel, information, infrastructure, and facilities, to reflect the changing risk environment. This integration has been achieved through benchmarking security standards, developing security management frameworks, plans and procedures, preparing Security Design Briefs for new construction, integrating technology solutions, and completing comprehensive threat and risk assessments (Harmonized Threat and Risk Assessment, Integrated Risk Management (IRM), CPTED, and tailored assessments).

Lansdowne is approved by the RCMP to conduct physical security and IT security inspections for CCRTIS Accreditation Program purposes.

Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs, Plans and Assessments

Lansdowne has a robust team of emergency management experts (law enforcement, Counter-Terrorism, Incident Commander, major event planning) versed in all-hazard emergency preparedness and integrated response strategies. Our teams assist clients to assess and review readiness, organizational structures, develop effective emergency management programs and plans, and to conduct After Action Reviews and capture Lessons Learned. In addition, Lansdowne’s Certified Business Continuity Planners (CBCP) have developed strategic departmental and organizational business continuity strategies and plans to ensure the provision of uninterrupted critical services. This business continuity planning process includes testing, exercising, assessing and validating existing plans, in addition to introducing new BCP programs.

Communications Interoperability

Lansdowne assists the emergency response community and policy makers at all levels of government in assessing their current state of interoperability based on the Canadian Communication Interoperability Continuum, and in developing strategic, operational and tactical plans to address interoperability gaps. Our diverse team of emergency management experts, technical consultants and facilitators are equipped with proven methodologies and toolkits to assist clients in the areas of governance, policies and procedures, training and exercising, technology assessment, procurement and deployment, and change management.

Training and Exercises

Lansdowne has extensive experience in the development and conduct of individual and collective training using adult education principles. Service offerings are tailored to meet client requirements to develop and validate operational capabilities through plan or event specific table top exercises, to security, EM and BCP related training, up to the planning and conduct of complex full scale exercises. Comprehensive Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) training is also offered through Lansdowne and the Critical Infrastructure Institute.