Lansdowne Technologies to host EMGroup Courses June 8-12 2015

Lansdowne Technologies Inc. will be hosting EMGroup as they teach their courses in Blast Mitigation, Mail and Packages Security, and Soft Target Security (with an emphasis on active shooters) on 8-12 June in the Lansdowne Boardroom at Suite 1001, 275 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario.

To learn more about and to register for these courses, please visit the EMGroup website at:

Instructing the courses will be Ken Clupp, CD, P.Eng., C.Tech., and Juri Kasemets, CD, P.Eng., M.Eng., MBA, both of whom are engineers and subject matter experts in the security and emergency management fields.


Blast Mitigation, Security and the Design-Basis Threat

Course description

This is a one-day course that covers the basics of blast theory and fundamentals of conducting a Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) to develop the Design-Basis Threat (DBT) in order to effectively apply Canadian Standard S850-12 Design and Assessment of Buildings Subjected to Blast Loads. The S850 Standard is intended for use by engineers and architects in the design of new buildings and the assessment of existing buildings to adequately mitigate the effects of blast threats. This is not an S850-specific course but the Standard is covered on the course as we show how and when to apply the basics of risk assessment, elementary blast theory, an understanding of explosives effects and applicable security principles.   The target audience includes engineers and architects (either working for the building owner/manager to determine the DBT OR using CSA S850 to design new buildings or retrofit existing buildings), facility owners/manager, project managers, organizations conducting risk assessments, insurance companies. Even previous attendees of CSA S850 introduction courses will benefit.


Mail and Packages policy and procedures workshop

Workshop description

This is a 2-day workshop for attendees to receive an in-depth appreciation of mail and package threats to the facility by routes into the facility including the mail centre, courier deliveries, hand deliveries, and shipping/receiving operations. This will be achieved through lectures and group discussion/presentation by attendees. Scanning is the examination of mail/packages by use of x-ray and/or other specialized detection equipment whereas screening is the examination without the use of special scanning equipment, i.e., visual. The workshop will address potential threats, analyzing risk, security measures, incident response to suspicious mail/packages, developing the response plan, facility design and staff training. This workshop will be of interest to senior security, and management with responsibility for risk reduction, mail centre operations, ‘front door’ security and shipping/receiving.


Soft Target Security: threat and risk assessment, bomb threats, and active shooters course

Course description

This is a 1-day course for attendees to receive knowledge of Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA), bomb threats, and active shooter planning and mitigation. A TRA is essential to planning and preparation for responding to threat situations. A TRA may help prove due diligence. Two specific workplace violence scenarios are reviewed: bomb threats and active shooters. The basics of prevention and response to the two scenarios are discussed. Security staff and managers may need to respond before first responders arrive – to protect the people who work and visit the facility. The course will be aimed at property/facility managers, supervisors, senior security staff, management with responsibility for developing policy and procedures against threats, and personnel involved in responding to a threat.