Lansdowne facilitates at Movin’On

What will mobility look like in a sustainable society?

Lansdowne is thrilled to have had the opportunity to support the advancement of the global dialogue on the future of mobility at Movin’On this week. Movin’On is the new edition of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, bringing representatives from around the world all tackling different aspects of this complex problem: what will mobility look like in a sustainable society? Speakers, scientists, creatives, entrepreneurs, executives and thought-leaders all came together to explore, play and innovate to advance this key global issue.

Fiona Wright joined the C2 facilitation team to support the following workshops and masterclasses hosted by Michelin:

  • Safer Mobility: Collaboration between Products, Infrastructure and Education
    • Key rec: Segregate infrastructure, build in speed and behaviour limiters to products, provider behaviour motivators through insurance incentives, and normalize regular competency testing (every 5-10 years)
  • Key Tech Enablers: making an impact on safer mobility
    • Key insights: combining AI and automated sensing with driver control is a key transition step
  • Safer mobility for an Aging Population
    • Key insights: Planning for driving-retirement is a needed behaviour change. Many seniors get around primarily on their social capital – asking people for rides. There are interesting ways to create platforms for even better exchanges and store social capital.

Looking forward to Movin’On 2018!